Who Does Nobody Like by John Teasdale and Justin Robert Young

Do not play this game.

You will lose your friends, your significant other will leave you, and your family will never speak to you again.

We haven’t played it and neither should you.


The Game

Who Does Nobody Like? is a card game, and is the worst game we've ever seen. Players will come out of it feeling betrayed, angry, and ashamed of their choices in friends. We're not talking about the rush you get from doing something naughty like in Cards Against Humanity, but actual emotional pain. Before settling on the name, our other option was:


"Fuck You, and your Dumb Friends Too"


We spent 24 hours on the game from conception to final product. It was extremely fun to make, but we will probably never touch it again.  


If this doesn't sound like a good sales pitch, you're absolutly right. We don't want you to play it. We are positive people and just thinking about playing it with our friends makes us cringe.


However, we made it and it's right over there. 

Printing too expesive?

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